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Swawalamban - (Self-Reliance) Women Empowerment Project

Swawalamban (Self-Reliance Project) is our transformative program dedicated to empowering women and adolescent girls in Northwest Delhi. The Swawalamban has been running Since 2021 at Sultanpuri, North West Delhi. Our initiative encompasses a range of objectives aimed at fostering gender equality, skill development, digital literacy, leadership, and job-oriented vocational training. Join us on this impactful journey as we outline the core components of our program.

Gender Mainstreaming: Our first objective is to promote gender equality and empower women by providing equal access to resources, opportunities, and decision-making processes. This initiative targets women and adolescent girls, striving to create a more inclusive and empowered community.
Skill Upgradation and

Livelihood Support: our focus is on skill upgradation in Sewing, Embroidery, Beauty and Wellness, Rakhi making, fast food etc. Through this, we aim to provide not only essential skills but also livelihood hand-holding support, empowering these women to become change-makers in the realm of livelihood.

Digital Financial Literacy: To bridge the digital divide, we aspire to train women, adolescents, and labourers in using digital devices and access app-based financial services in Northwest Delhi. Our commitment to digital literacy seeks to empower individuals with the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly connected world.

Leadership Development: Empowering communities involves nurturing leaders. Our objective is to develop the leadership potential of leaders from Self-Help Groups (SHGs), clusters, and federations. By doing so, we aim to create a more sustainable and empowered community that actively participates in decision-making processes.

Business Development Training: Our business development training equips enterprising women with essential skills, knowledge, and tools to flourish in their businesses. The emphasis is on assessing risks associated with business operations and developing effective mitigation strategies. Participants learn how to identify potential risks, evaluate their impact on business continuity, and devise proactive measures to ensure the sustainability of their enterprises.

Job-Oriented Vocational Training Program for Young Girls: Recognizing the importance of employability, we have launched a program providing job-oriented vocational training to young girls. This initiative focuses on enhancing their skills and increasing their chances of securing meaningful employment.

Adolescent Girls Empowerment Activities: To build a foundation for a confident and self-reliant future, we are committed to providing adolescent girls with education, health, and life skills training. Our goal is to enable them to become informed decision-makers and contribute positively to their communities.

Business-related Micro Linkage Support Program: The Micro Linkage Support program is designed to assist women who may be vulnerable and face challenges in receiving government facilities, registering their businesses for government schemes, obtaining official acknowledgement of their livelihood, opening bank accounts for transactions, and addressing taxation concerns.

This program holds the potential for direct economic impact, empowering women to achieve economies of scale in their productive efforts and contributing to more sustainable livelihoods. By facilitating essential linkages, we strive to create a supportive environment that enables these women to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Snapshot of Our Impact

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