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Story Of Jaya Devi

Jaya Devi's life took a positive turn when she encountered the transformative initiatives of the Creation Welfare Society (CWS). Struggling to balance household responsibilities with her passion for tailoring and facing financial constraints, Jaya found hope through CWS's skill development programs.

The organisation provided tailored training, boosting her confidence and equipping her with the necessary skills to start her own tailoring business. Jaya's journey from struggling to make ends meet to becoming a self-reliant entrepreneur not only alleviated the burden on her family but also empowered her to pursue her passion.

Her success story serves as an inspiring example of the profound impact skill development and entrepreneurship initiatives can have in empowering women to achieve financial independence and create a better future for themselves and their families. CWS congratulates Jaya on her success and wishes her continued prosperity in her entrepreneurial endeavours.

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Seema's Inspiring Story

Seema, facing financial constraints, found herself struggling to support her family despite possessing sewing skills.

The Creation Welfare Society became her lifeline, offering training sessions that honed her abilities and expanded her design repertoire.

Empowered by the NGOs support, Seema transformed her sewing venture into a thriving business, gaining confidence and financial independence.

Her success not only alleviated the family's financial burden but also inspired others in similar situations. From financial struggle to entrepreneurial success, Seema's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of the Creation Welfare Society, turning adversity into empowerment and inspiration for others.

Story Of Md. Tauseef Alam

Md Tausif Alam of Thahra Gopalpur, Samastipur Bihar took two-month training as Walk Over Tracker in Horizontal Directional Drilling training centre run by Creation Welfare Society, funded by United Way Delhi under CSR of DCI, Jasola Vihar, Delhi, India in 2019.
Md. Tausif had cleared Diploma in Plastic Mold Technology. He was struggling to find a job in his field. So, he settled down at home and was doing family business. But he continued to search for job opportunities but couldn't get suitable work anywhere. During field mobilization we met him and sensitized him about the HDD training program. He showed interest in joining the training program. He enrolled for the training, he practiced all the activities of the training honestly so that he could get placed after completion of the training. Md Tausif got placed in MIDEAST PIPELINE PRODUCTS (New Delhi). He was one of the youths who agreed to do a job in Delhi. He joined the job at ₹16000/m salary. He always maintained good communication among the project team and DCI personnel and updated his whereabouts regarding jobs.
After getting experience and switching in multiple companies, now he is working in Maharashtra and earning a handsome salary of ₹50000/- per month. He says, " I had to struggle for jobs, but after training I got the job. Initially I struggled to work, but I didn't lose my patience and the result you can see now for my hard work and my patience. I am thankful to CWS and DCI people for their support and efforts."

Story Of Saliman

Saliman, a resilient 32-year-old single mother and member of Bismillah SHG, chose to break free from a troublesome marriage, taking custody of her 5-year-old daughter. Faced with the challenges of single parenthood, she joined Bismillah SHG, where she found support and enrolled in a sewing training program.

Equipped with new skills, she set up a home-based stitching business, earning a steady income of ₹5000 to ₹6000 per month. Through her determination and the support of the CWS, Saliman transformed her life, becoming financially and emotionally self-sufficient, and expressing gratitude for the newfound stability in caring for her family.

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Story Of Manita

Manita, a 25-year-old residing in Delhi, found herself at the crossroads of financial challenges within her six-member family. With her father as the sole breadwinner in a nuclear family, the struggle to meet basic needs was evident. Witnessing her father's sacrifices for the family, Manita felt compelled to contribute and make a difference.
In her pursuit of opportunities, she discovered the Swawalamban project by Creation Welfare Society. This initiative offered a 45-day job-oriented vocational training program coupled with placement assistance. Recognizing the potential for transformation, Manita eagerly enrolled in the program.

Upon completing the training, an HR representative from Akiko Global PVT, LTD conducted a placement drive, where Manita not only secured a position in the first round but also underwent a four-day on-the-job training. Her dedication and newfound skills led to a successful placement on the company's payroll with an annual income of 1,44,000 INR.

Manita's joy in joining this job extended beyond personal achievement; it translated into the ability to support her family, particularly her hardworking father. Grateful for the transformative opportunity, Manita credits the Creation Welfare Society for their impactful Swawalamban program. This initiative not only equips the youth with essential skills but also serves as a stepping stone toward personal and familial success.
In essence, Manita's journey exemplifies the profound impact of opportunities created by organizations like Creation Welfare Society, showcasing that indeed, opportunities don't just happen – they are created.

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