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Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Community Partner: Creation Welfare Society

Project Objective:

To provide knowledge backstopping and resource person for the trials and training to the women farmers on Post Harvest Management and sustainable agriculture.

Project Concept

This initiative of Creation Welfare Society (CWS) in collaboration with ICAR_IRRI under the project title “Improved mechanization in Post-Harvest to reduce losses and improve quality” is for the advancement of Rice Value Chains and Sustainable farming systems in its project area in Sakra, Bihar. This is an ICAR-IRRI collaborative project which work in different component in which Post-harvest management is one of them. In this project ICAR is a financial institute. CWS is the sub grantee who led the technical work in selected district (Muzaffarpur) of Bihar.


Six training were carried out in which 153 farmers from Rajapur, Mishroulia, Dihuli and Dubha villages participated. Themes of the training were.

✅ Preservation/ Storage of seeds and grains.
✅ Post harvest management to reduce losses in fields

Women Farmer Awarded By IARI

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