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Vidyalaya Bharo Campaign: Bridging Educational Gaps, Unlocking Futures

Our Vidyalaya Bharo Campaign is a dedicated initiative aimed at promoting education among underprivileged children. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign has become a beacon of hope, addressing the challenges faced by students from marginalized communities.
Campaign Highlights:

  1. Awareness Drives in Remote Villages: We recognize that education often takes a back seat in remote villages due to poverty and lack of awareness. Our awareness drives bridge this gap by encouraging parents to send their children to school. We provide information about the government's free education schemes and highlight the importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty.
  2. Supporting Education with Essential Supplies: Understanding the financial constraints faced by families, CWS extends support by providing stationery items, textbooks, and school bags to children. This ensures that students have the necessary tools for a successful educational journey.
  3. Remedial Classes Post-COVID-19 Pandemic: The pandemic disrupted education globally, hitting vulnerable communities the hardest. CWS responded by conducting remedial classes for over 700 children struggling academically after the lockdown. Our focused classes aimed at improving reading, writing, and math skills, accompanied by career guidance and counselling for 10th-grade students.
  4. Reducing Dropout Rates and Increasing Enrolment: The impact of Vidyalaya Bharo Campaign has been profound. We have successfully increased enrolment in government schools and significantly reduced the dropout rate among underprivileged children, ensuring a brighter future for them.

Empowering Students with Technology

Recognizing the challenges posed by online education during the pandemic, we partnered with BYJU's to provide a solution. CWS collaborated to provide free BYJU subscriptions to over 700 children. Additionally, we assisted 60 girls with tablets and one year of internet subscription, addressing the connectivity issues that hindered their online learning experience.

Project Objective:

✅ 5000 learners (Class 7 th to 12 th Std) will be equipped with a tablet having preloaded course curriculum designed by BYJU’S.

✅ 5000 learners (Class 7 th to 12 th Std) will be supported both online (on call or digital media platforms) and offline (when lockdown will revoke) to clear their doubts.

Supporting Education With Essential Supplies

❤ Through project intervention, we aim to equip students with electronic devices, such as tablets, preloaded with the course curriculum

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