Ms Shalu Tomar

- Project Coordinator (Creation Welfare Society)

Ms. Shalu, Project Coordinator, Creation Welfare Society

Ms. Shalu is a remarkable individual and a key member of our team at the Creation Welfare Society. With over a decade of dedicated service in the social sector, she holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to empowering women and fostering community development.

Key Contributions and Focus Areas:

  • Advocacy for Women’s Self-Reliance and Financial Independence:

    • Shalu has been a steadfast advocate for women’s self-reliance and financial independence throughout her career.
    • Her extensive work in creating and managing self-help groups has provided countless women with the tools and resources necessary to achieve their full potential.
  • Initiatives and Impact:

    • Shalu’s initiatives, ranging from skill-building workshops to access to microfinance, have empowered individual women and fortified entire communities by fostering a culture of support and collaboration.
  • Role in Community Development:

    • She plays a pivotal role in implementing various welfare initiatives aimed at community development and individual empowerment.
    • Her deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by women and her tireless efforts to address these needs are truly commendable.

Currently, Ms. Shalu serves as the Project Coordinator at the Creation Welfare Society, where her dedication and expertise continue to drive positive change within the community.