Poonam Devi

- Board Member (Creation Welfare Society)

Poonam Devi: Champion of Women’s Empowerment and Rural Development

Poonam Devi is a dedicated advocate for women’s empowerment and rural development. Her career began as a community mobilizer, where she showcased exceptional skills in organizing women and forming Self-Help Groups (SHGs). Her efforts successfully united 2,000 women to work towards common goals.

In 2002, Poonam Devi joined the Creation Welfare Society (CWS) as a women’s counselor. Her passion and commitment quickly propelled her to become a board member, guiding the organization with her extensive experience.

Key Contributions and Initiatives:

  • Empowerment of Women Farmers and Entrepreneurs:

    • Poonam Devi’s focus on the welfare of women farmers and small entrepreneurs has been unwavering.
    • She has collaborated with CYMMIT teams to increase the income of women farmers while striving to reduce the physical strain on women laborers.
  • Leadership and Advocacy:

    • As a leader in the realm of women’s small-scale agriculture and labor, Poonam Devi has engaged with notable figures, including the Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar, to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing women farmers.

Vision and Inspiration:

“As women, we hold the seeds of change in our hands. By nurturing our communities and cultivating opportunities, we sow the foundation for a brighter, more equitable future.”

— Smt. Poonam Devi, Board Member, CWS