Mithilesh Kumar Yadav

- Treasurer (Creation Welfare Society)

Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Yadav’s Impactful Tenure as Treasurer of Creation Welfare Society

Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Yadav has been serving as the Treasurer of the Creation Welfare Society (CWS) since 2002. His tenure has been marked by invaluable contributions and unwavering commitment to social upliftment. Below are the key highlights of his impactful service:

  • Extensive Rural Experience:

    • Originating from a rural background and a professional career as a veterinary practitioner, Mr. Yadav possesses a deep understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by women, farmers, and artisans.


  • Dedicated Efforts:

    • His intrinsic understanding of rural issues drives his tireless efforts within CWS, focusing on addressing the needs of marginalized groups.


  • Economic Empowerment Initiatives:

    • Mr. Yadav has focused on establishing agriculture-based livelihood opportunities for farmers and women in the community.
    • Through meticulous planning and strategic implementation, he has been instrumental in creating sustainable pathways to economic empowerment.


  • Community Upliftment:

    • His initiatives have uplifted numerous lives and fostered resilience within the community.
    • His dedication to the holistic development of rural areas underscores his passion for sustainable change.


  • Leadership and Vision:

    • Mr. Yadav’s visionary leadership makes him an indispensable asset to CWS.

“Together, let’s cultivate a harvest of social security and prosperity.”

— Mithilesh Kumar Yadav, Treasurer, Creation Welfare Society