DR. D.U.M Rao

Heading – Advisors - Consultants (Creation Welfare Society)

Advisors – Consultants

Dr. D U M Rao, Advisor

Dr. D U M Rao, a retired Principal Scientist from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, brings a wealth of expertise in extension services to the Creation Welfare Society (CWS). His invaluable contributions include:

  • Training Women Entrepreneurs:

    • Dr. Rao has been instrumental in training women entrepreneurs, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.
  • Guidance in Agriculture and Livelihood Programs:

    • He has guided CWS management in developing agriculture and livelihood programs specifically tailored for women.

Impact and Vision:

Dr. Rao’s dedication and knowledge have significantly enhanced CWS’s impact in empowering women and fostering sustainable livelihoods within communities.

“Empowering women through agriculture is not just about growing crops, it’s about nurturing communities and cultivating futures.”

– Dr. D U M Rao