As improving the ability of women to access the elements of development, including resources & opportunities to participate in livelihood activities advances the overall welfare of their families and the wider community. Limited availability of affordable assets, constrained the ability of women to maximize the productivity.

To reduce the economic burden on the project beneficiary to start a livelihood or to expand their livelihood, Swawalamban project provided the assets support for their holistic economic development to reduce their resilience to economic and environmental compromises.

Under the Start-Up assistance program of Swawalamban project, total 661 beneficiaries were verified as per their requirement to initiate the livelihood works.

The asset assistance for start-up is comprehensive strategy focused on mitigating the financial constraints and empowering women to achieve sustainable livelihoods. After this approach the women are able to increase their incomes/start to earn and contribute more toward the households. Women and their families are able to afford access to technology, consumer products and housing improvements that can improve overall well-being.

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